Do I need a referral to see a Speech Pathologist?

A referral is not required and you may simply contact us to make a booking!

What funding or rebates can I use to access speech pathology services?

At Speech Matters Speech Pathology, we are able to see clients with

  • Self or plan managed NDIS funds

  • Chronic Disease Management Medicare plans

  • Private Health Insurance (Please speak with your healthcare provider to determine if your health fund covers speech pathology services)

We also provide services to private paying clients should they not be eligible for any of the funding above.
Bulk billing is not available for this service.

How many sessions of speech therapy does my child need and how often?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, unfortunately. However, we will provide you with individualised recommendations and a therapy plan after assessing your child. We will also come up with a therapy session schedule that suits your family. Therapy goals are continually reviewed throughout the therapy process to ensure therapy is working for your child, and to troubleshoot any issues that may be affecting your child's progress.

There are no set guidelines for frequency of sessions but we have found weekly or fortnightly sessions generally work the best for children and their families. 

How do I know whether my child requires speech therapy?

Does your child

  • Have difficulty communicating using words and/or sentences?
  • Struggle to say certain words clearly?
  • Find it hard to understand and follow instructions?
  • Use shorter sentences compared with other children their age?
  • Avoid reading and spelling or find it difficult to read or spell?
  • Have a current diagnosis that impacts on their language and social skills?
  • Tell stories in a jumbled order that is difficult to understand?
  • Have difficulty playing with toys, playing with other children or making friends?
  • Avoid eye contact with others, have limited gestures (e.g. pointing, nodding) and difficulty adjusting to changes?

If you have any of the concerns above, or any other concerns related to your child's language, communication and social skills, please contact us to discuss your concerns.